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Being TRUE to our word, we have nothing to hide from you. Here is a completely transparent view of how the pack you are holding in your hands was put together, right from the farm till your kitchen!


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The Journey

Terms you would see being used in the documents:

  • FG (Finished Goods): The final manufactured product which is ready to be processed for selling it to consumers.
  • PM (Packaging Material): The material used to protect the packing from leakage or tear.
  • RM (Raw Material): The basic food material in its natural form.
  • CM (Consumables): Food products or goods that people buy regularly.
  • COA (Certificate of Analysis): A quality check document which has all parameters completed by the vendor to ensure the quality of Raw Materials while purchasing.
  • IMER (Incoming Material Evaluation Report): A report of all the incoming raw materials which checks raw materials quality validates it before producing the final product.
  • Moisture Content: Quantity of water that exists in the substance.
  • Filling Temperature: The temperature at which the manufactured product is proceeded for primary packaging.
  • RM Cleaning: Process of cleaning the Raw Materials to differentiate the dust grains.
  • Case Packing: A large, cardboard box in which the final products are packed for transportation or storage.

(#)Incase details about some ingredients are missing, it is because our sourcing partner hasnt uploaded the report. We shall get the same to you soon !

A Word From Our Customers

Abhinaya Sridhar06/09/2020

Congratulations on this much-needed initiative. I'm glad to note that your consciousness goes beyond the confines of your products.

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