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Bored of eating the same food everyday? Welcome to TE labs - an exclusive access to our latest products, curated by your True Chefs!

Better Together Combos
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Perfect Munchies Combo



True Indian Breakfast Combo

Fitness Dryfruit Mix - Energy Booster

Why are we making Fitness Dryfruit Mix?

We all love munching, so keeping taste and health in mind - we have created this special trail mix for your fitness goals.

Fitness Dry Fruit Mix is packed with nutrients to fulfill your body’s requirements. Relish this mix as a pre-workout snack to boost your fitness performance, or simply snack on it throughout the day to stay energized.

Rs.399 Rs.499
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True Elements Halim Seeds - Iron Rich

Why are we making Halim Seeds?

Looking at the growing health consciousness these days, one superfood that cannot be ignored is Halim seeds!

Being loaded with Iron & Protein, these seeds will help you out with overall health and well-being.

Rs.119 Rs.149

Chocolate Pancake Mix

Why are we making Pancake Mix?

Pancakes are becoming everybody's favorite these days for breakfast. We tend to cook pancakes in various ways with the most frequently used ingredient, Chocolate!

So we thought of making it easier and healthier for you by adding 100% Natural Chocolate to our Pancake Mix!

Rs.156 Rs.195

Multigrain Dosa Mix

Why are we making Multigrain Dosa Mix?

Dosa Mixes in the market are indeed a saviour when it comes to satisfying instant hunger pangs, but are they really healthy for you?

Keeping our health concious customers in mind we decided to make a Baking soda free Dosa Mix which is made with Oats,Jowar, Urad Dal & Rice flour for you to enjoy without worrying about your gut health.

Rs.120 Rs.150

Pancake Mix

Why are we making Pancake Mix?

Pancake Mix available in the market has all purpose flour, sugar, baking soda & powder in it which causes bloating & digestive problems.

True Elements Pancake mix is made of Oats & Jowar flour. We use freeze dried curd,a healthy fermenting agent instead of baking soda & jaggery instead of sugar.

Rs.156 Rs.195

Party Mix - Crunchy Seeds, Nuts and Pulses

Why are we making Party Mix?

Don’t we always regret the snacks we munch on during our parties?

Regret no more. Now party harder with the new healthy-spicy bowl Party-Mix by your side.

Rs.119 Rs.149

Protein Crunchy Minis

Why are we making Protein Crunchy Minis?

Hectic Schedules make us skip meals and munch on unnecessary junk. We bring to you an energy packed snack to help satisfy hunger while being 100% healthy.

Sweetened with Jaggery & Honey and enriched with the goodness of Oats & rich seeds , these bars are an excellent source of protein giving you ample of energy to get through the day.

Rs.119 Rs.149

Millet Upma

Why are we making Millet Upma?

Most of the available Upma mixes have semolina (which contains gluten) & are low in healthy millets like Jowar, Bajra, Ragi etc.

True Elements Millet Upma Mix is 100% gluten-free i.e SEMOLINA FREE & only contains healthy millets like Jowar & Foxtail, loaded with colourful veggies & indian spices.

Rs.156 Rs.195

Multigrain Dalia Indore Masala

Why are we making Multigrain Dalia Indore Masala?

Many of us consume Poha/rice on a daily basis knowing the amount of carbs in it. How about a Wholegrain Poha which prevents this excess consumption of carbs?

We also improved the taste by seasoning it with authentic spices!

Rs.156 Rs.195

Oats Congee

Why are we making Oats Congee?

Congee is a famous South-Indian dish made with Rice, too much consumption of which can lead to rising blood sugar and weight gain.

To solve this, we came up with Oats Congee which will give you the taste of your favourite meal and aid in health management.

Rs.160 Rs.200

Turmeric Muesli - Antioxidant Rich

Why are we making Turmeric Muesli?

Haldi doodh is preferred for its Antioxidant properties but many of us refrain from having milk, isn't it?

So we made a ready-to-eat whole grain crunchy muesli with the same benefits as Haldi Milk along with immunity boosting agents & the power of 6 supergrains!

Rs.236 Rs.295